cubed steak and rice & gravy

Rinse steak, drain on paper towel. Salt & pepper, then cover in sifted flour. It is ok to put flour in a plastic bag and shake steak in that. Fry in a skillet on medium high until brown, then turn heat down, put a cover on for a few minutes… or I sometimes put a teaspoon of water before I cover it to make the steak a little more tender. Drain on a paper towel. Then make that gravy and enjoy!

Make the rice according to the package. In a bowl, combine milk and water to be used to thin browned oil and flour in a frying pan. After steak, chicken, or pork chops have been fried and taken up, you use the oil let in the pan to make gravy. You do not want a lot of oil. Sift flour into the oil (make sure your pan is hot) and stir this continuously until it turns brown and then add the milk and water to make it the desired consistency. Be sure to have the milk and water ready to add as the flour browns fast.

(notes from Laurie: only note this time 0 I never wash my meat so I just recommend patting it dry with a paper towel and salting and peppering on both sides!)

Grandma’s original recipe:

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