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pimento cheese spread

maybe you can do something better with this pimento cheese than I can

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pimento cheese spread

3/4 lb. NY sharp cheese (grated)1 7 oz. jar pimento4 tbsp. of Coleslaw dressing (sub Mayo and sour cream)1 tbsp. Worcester saucepinch salt1 tsp. sugarsmall onion, shredded (optional) Mix together and beat with a mixer. (notes from Laurie: Honestly, I’d probably just find another recipe.) Grandma’s original recipe:

fried fish & hush puppies

FRIED FISHChoose any favorite fish, batter in buttermilk and corn meal, salt & pepper. Fry until golden brown. Serve with french fries and hush puppies. HUSH PUPPES1 cup flour2 cup corn meal1 tsp salt1 cup sweet milk1 egg2 tsp baking powder2 tbs sugarMix dry ingredients & add beaten egg and milk. Drop by teaspoon in […]

ramen slaw

2 packages Ramen noodles, beef flavored1 large package cole slaw or you can use broccoli salad (also can use 1/2 of each)1 bunch green onions1 cup slivered almonds1 cup sunflower seeds SAUCE1 cup white sugar or Splenda (or combination of both)3/4 cup canola oil1/3 cup white vinegar2 packs ramen noodle flavoring (included with the noodles) […]

no crust coconut pie

1 1/2 cups sugar and 3 tbs flour mixed together5 large eggs1 large can evaporated milk1 stick butter, melted2 cups Angel Flake coconut1 tbs vanillaBeat eggs, add sugar mixture, melted butter, add coconut and milk, then vanilla. Grease pans and flour. Makes 2 small pies. Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes. (notes from Laurie: Use […]


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